36 Hours in New Orleans: What to Eat, See, and Do in the Big Easy

Heading to the 2017 Collision Conference in New Orleans and looking to squeeze in some sightseeing? argodesign polled our friends to find out the top must-do’s in the city.

It seems like everyone who has visited New Orleans can’t stop talking about how amazing it is. The food, architecture, live music, museums, history, and the fact that it is completely legal to drink in the street, are some of the reasons that give the Big Easy so much character. Given its reputation as one of the most iconic American cities, we were curious about what to prioritize during a brief visit. We asked some of our friends and here are some of the best recommendations we got.

Getting Around

Bicycling is an increasingly important aspect of New Orleans’ transportation system and the city’s flat topography makes it easy to get around while admiring historic neighborhoods and people watching. Numerous companies offer bike tours with various routes like Confederacy of Cruisers Bike Tours that has been around for a decade. But if you want to explore on your own, check out Bicycle Michael’s rentals near the French Quarter.


Prepare to spend several hours at the WWII Museum’s six-acre campus, which has become rated the number one tourist destination in New Orleans and one of the most popular museums in the U.S.

Visit the Ogden Museum of Southern Art for the largest collection of Southern art. The museum explores visual art and traditional music, literature and the culinary heritage of the region. The space includes exhibitions, concerts, lectures, and film screenings for a dynamic range of programming.


As the most haunted city in America, New Orleans has a rich history in unexplained phenomena. Learn more during the evening “Ghosts, Legends and Lore” walking tour with Strange True Tours. Or skitter through one of over 40 historic cemeteries like St. Louis Cemetery №1.

If you prefer to explore at your own pace, the Garden District is not to be missed, showcasing some of the city’s most stunning historical homes intertwined with gardens, trees and ivy. The neighborhood’s peaceful streets and charming architecture are a nice escape from the bustling center.

Live Music

Bacchanal Fine Wine and Spirits is an all-day backyard patio party, serving wine and small bites and featuring live music weather permitting. It starts at 11 am every day, keeping the party going until 11 pm Sunday-Thursday, and until Midnight on Friday-Saturday. If you happen to be there on a Monday, look out for cello player, Helen Gillet. She’s a big deal.

Go watch the legendary and Grammy-winning Rebirth Brass Band, who combine traditional New Orleans brass band music with funk, soul, jazz and hip-hop to create their own signature sound. The group was started in 1983 and continues to evolve.


Whatever diet you think you’re going to maintain when going to New Orleans is off the table. Apparently they don’t even have vegetables, so opt for something they do best: Beignets, at the famous Cafe Du Monde.

Make reservations at Angeline — for brunch or dinner — in the French Quarter, known for their fresh cocktails, beautifully plated dishes, and that southern hospitality. Don’t leave without trying their braised short rib and lemon pie for some serious comfort food.

A crawfish boil is a cajun classic that’s not to be missed; for the uninitiated, they fill a huge pot of boiling water with crustaceans, vegetables and seasoning before dumping it on a table, usually covered in newspaper. Try Perino’s Boiling Pot in Harvey, just outside the city.


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