Simplifying artists’ workflow — and how effectively they transfer knowledge from one entity to another — promises gains for the entire industry of animated film production | by Guus Baggermans

To produce a typical animated film, DreamWorks creates and manages 500 million digital files

Reflections on a year we won’t soon forget

Crafting a design system that evolves with its users

Topics include social good, personalization, and remote collaboration

SXSW PanelPicker voting is open through November 20th for the 2021 virtual conference

How a life of exploration helps uncover and hone your strengths

Sonia Prusaitis reflects on a 3,000-foot ascent in the San Juan Mountains

Machine learning can help us reimagine personal finance tech as a tool for developing emotional intelligence | by Roxanne Ravago

A creative director’s love for interaction design has an unlikely source

A man in a hat playing a first person shooter game at an arcade.
Matthias Dittrich (Image credit: Guus Baggermans)

How to make your virtual collaborations flourish | by Sky White

Can Figma do it all?


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