A World of Open Doors

How a life of exploration helps uncover and hone your strengths

Sonia Prusaitis reflects on a 3,000-foot ascent in the San Juan Mountains
Sonia and Founder Mark Rolston at argo’s 2019 Creative Summit, hosting argonauts from around the world
Sonia working on her tennis game, focused and ready | (Image Credit: Jennifer Ward)
Gutting the original bathroom, sunglasses and all
Sonia and Georgie Best enjoy the fruits of their labors on the front porch of the remodeled bungalow | (Image Credit: Anna Ybarra Prusaitis)
Sonia leads the effort to build an innovative new studio space in Austin’s bustling SoCo district

Meet other argonauts

We are a product design firm. We love design – for the technology, for the simple joy of craft, and ultimately for the experiences we create.

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