argo in Review: 2021

Reflections on a year full of opportunity

4 min readJan 20, 2022
argo Chief Creative, Mark Rolston, onstage at Web Summit 2021 with DreamWorks’ SVP of Technology Communications & Strategic Alliances, Kate Swanborg

The world settled into a new kind of existence in 2021, one that seemed a roller coaster on most every front. From historic economic downturn to near-inflation, vaccines to boosters to variants, great resignations to hiring booms, the year offered surprises at every turn.

argodesign held to a steady path, and we ended 2021 with an abundance of fortune: great clients, industry recognitions across the board, a premiere appearance at Web Summit in November, and a brand new headquarters set to open in Austin within days. Dig in with us as we take one last look back before moving forward.

Client work in 2021

We take on new projects with an eye toward real-world value, preferring to see our efforts in the hands of everyday users. In 2021, we were gratified to see clients both current and former launch work argo had a hand in.

DreamWorks Animation

Our collaboration with DreamWorks in 2021 helped realize the company’s vision of a cloud-enabled production pipeline. Simplifying animation artists’ workflow — and how effectively they transfer knowledge from one entity to another — promises gains for the entire industry of animated film production. Designing artist-friendly UX and UI that allows teams to efficiently access and manage production assets across platforms and geographies, we capped a productive partnership with a keynote presentation at the world-renowned Web Summit conference in Lisbon.

CognitiveScale Cortex 6

AI-based personalization prevailed as one of the most transformative tech tools of the year. The July launch of Cortex 6 was the result of months of effort developing a UI that allows for both creativity and informed business strategy in AI campaigns. Providing scalable solutions for implementing AI campaigns in business, our work on Cortex 6 earned a nomination for the UX Design Awards, and a Red Dot Award for Brands & Communication.


A key focus area for argo in 2021 was AI and Trust in Computing, and the launch of the Responsible AI Institute (RAI) was its linchpin. argo founder Mark Rolston is a board adviser to RAI, providing integral input on the importance of human-centered design in responsible AI systems. It’s a timely subject that will continue to be so, and we are honored to be included in the conversation. Read more about responsible AI implementation in our VentureBeat interview.


We love crafting tangible goods, and we love having a lasting impact on people’s lives, so to see Resonic out in the marketplace is thrilling. argo began work with the company in its early days (then known as Soliton), developing the industrial design of a product that uses sound waves to treat cellulite and accelerate laser tattoo removal. We’ll continue to cheer them on as we watch the device proliferate in medical offices around the country.

Start Small Think Big

A non-profit providing finance, marketing, and legal assistance to small business owners from under-served communities, Start Small Think Big launched a new platform in 2021 that will enable nationwide scaling. Our work closes the gap between the organization and their current and future small business owners and volunteers, strengthens relationships by digitizing operational tasks, and creates a secure hub for organization and communication.

Singular Genomics

In December of 2021, Singular Genomics launched G4, a next-generation gene sequencing platform that leverages high-performance chemistry and advanced engineering to deliver accuracy, flexibility, speed, and power to research in oncology and immunology. How we design medical devices is changing, and Singular is an excellent proof point. The industry is leading the way in technology UX, looking to integrate more user-friendly interfaces to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.


The privacy and security of our data became a deeper conversation in 2021, as the pandemic raised debates around vaccine passports and cyber attacks intensified. Our wearable concept, The Me.Ring, was designed with the new world order in mind, granting individuals access to a data marketplace that allows for user ownership and control of our personal data. The concept earned gold at the Muse Design Awards in the conceptual design category.

As we welcome 2022, we continue to embrace new opportunities for innovation in both the products we design and the ways in which we design them.




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