Made by Camille Woods: From Bagging Groceries to Self-Taught Design Success — A Journey Through the Heart & Mind of Design

an argomade series

Selected works by Camille Woods
  • What is the story behind what/why/how this product/experience came to be?
  • Who are the founders and what is/was their vision?
  • Who are the humans that will be using or are currently using?
  • Who are the humans you want to use your product?
  • What are the current ways in which users interact with the product
  • What is successful about your product?
  • What is less successful?
  • What are your aspirations for your product/experience?
  • What are the business goals driving this engagement?
  • What is the current state of the system/experience/product?
  • What data is available to analyze?
  1. One of my favorite ways to decompress and connect with the world is going to a swimming hole or a local wildflower center.
  2. Make art!
  3. Travel, travel, travel. Embrace new people, places, and things, and you will always return inspired.



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We are a product design firm. We love design – for the technology, for the simple joy of craft, and ultimately for the experiences we create.