Sculpture by Matthew Santone (against background art by Lala Rillera)

A Spotlight on argodesign Makers, Builders & Creators

argodesign Maker Showcase 2019

We love design — the software, the machines, the simple joy of craft, and ultimately the experiences we create. We also firmly believe in the importance of making. It’s right there in our ethos of Think by Making, after all. argodesign has seen firsthand that our highest aspirations come to fruition through our passion for the act of making.

So it should come as no surprise that argo is a company full of builders and makers with passionate side pursuits. The projects that occupy our creative team during their off-hours build their skills and inspiration for client work in the studio.

We recently celebrated each other’s creativity with the inaugural Maker Showcase, opening our Austin studio to friends and family to show off the myriad ways argonauts keep their creative chops honed outside work. Featuring photography, sculpture, jewelry, mixed media, furniture, and more, the Maker Showcase brought incredible energy that flowed through the studio. Check out some of our favorite captures below.

Photo credit: Ian MacDowell

We are a product design firm. We love design – for the technology, for the simple joy of craft, and ultimately for the experiences we create.

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