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The screen ain’t the thing: designing smarter UX for smart cars

by Kathryn McElroy, Creative Director, argodesign

Screens in cars are not the problem. Poor UX and UI design is — and that can be changed.

The future of cars, and most all other interactions, is software. It can be iterated on, updated, and streamlined after it’s been delivered to improve the experience for all users. It provides the opportunity for more, richer features, no longer being limited by the physical size of the dashboard. Speaking specifically to Tesla, the interface offers multiple pages of settings that allow users to fine-tune their driving experience. Cameras display new vantage points to the driver and improve safety and parking ability. As society shifts and users change, software-based interfaces can change in kind, meeting users where they are instead of requiring them to buy the newest model of car.

Author photo
Author photo

Designers need to take ownership of creating intuitive systems for their users.

By leveraging the potential of software, we have the opportunity to do this in an iterative way, testing and updating those interfaces for users as capabilities improve. Because if we get it wrong, users already have an easy way to fix the problem: going back to their distracting smartphone.

We are a product design firm. We love design – for the technology, for the simple joy of craft, and ultimately for the experiences we create.

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